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The First House!

This is the first abandoned house that I investigated with my good friend Chip Kellam, we aslo did a follow up with Chip and Potomac Paranormal with Paul Perkins and his crew.  The reports from the real estate agent told us that a child molester had squatted and  took refuge here years ago.  The molester was arrested by police later. 

There was no power to the house.  We had high EMF readings in one of the bedrooms, My brand  new Sony HandyCam shut off two times and my voice recorder went dead in the first five minutes (I had fresh batteries in both). We also heard a horse noise inside several times but we could't find any animals anywere at all.  Paul and Jim Wolfe saw a shadow person, we found an old kid's tennis shoe in the attic, along with many ropes attache to different parts of the house, and we have some very interesting photos.

Gabriel's Inn 11-15-2008

Unexplained Mist - Chip took 3 pics seconds apart and this was the second one.  There was no mist in the first and third pictures.


The first was recorded after Jim stated that we were not picking up anything upstairs "sitting right here"!


The 2nd was in the wine cellar when we thanked the presence for making our K2 lights flash see what you can make out,"your welcome and a breath"!


We were the first paranormal team to get the name Patrick in the wine cellar, take a listen.


Urbana Hair Salon in Urbana, MD 06/13/2009 17:30

Preliminary Investigation
SPiS Lead Investigator Jim Wolfe & GPS Investigative Medium Carol L.


This was an unbelievable preliminary investigation.  The business was in operation but there wasn't anyone in the attic or in the back of the business.  We started in the attic and Carol immediately sensed two spirits.  We had a voice recorder going and we had KII hits and I had received high EMF readings on a Tri Meter EMF detector.  We then went downstairs and on the recorder Carol states that she is drawn to a sealed off door way I then said I would check with the business owner why was the door sealed off, we then picked up the following EVP which at the time we could not hear any of these voices, it was only later when we reviewed the recording did we hear these voices, listen...  You will hear "Nervy... Nervy People"

Next you will hear two spirit voices the first say "Thanks Ginger" then "Do it again, do it again, do it do it"  We believe this was being said because Carol was getting lights lighting up on the KII.  You will then hear Carol and myself conversing about the situation then you will hear again "Do it again, do it again they're checking me"  Keep in mind that as this was happening we did not hear any voices and Carol was holding the Sony recorder in her hand... check this out!

These are considered Class A EVP's (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) these are the clearest that I have ever experienced in the time that I have been doing Paranormal Investigations.

Once again check this out because we slowed the recording down and it sounds English accent...

We did the full investigation on August 21, 2009.  Not only did we get to investigate the salon but we also were able to investigate the house that sits in back and to the right of the salon.  The house was owned by a gentlemen with the last name of Cockey and he also owned the Cockey General Store, they both were built in the 1700's.  The store was demolished in the early 1900's and rebuilt and is now the Urbana Hair Salon.  These are some of the EVP's that we received I also had a major personal experiences in the attic of the Cockey house that you will have to ask me about.  I do have it on video but there is not enough band width on this site to play it.  

The first one is with Jimmy Griffith and Jim Wolfe in the attic of the Salon and of course there wasn't anyone else up there with us and if you listen you will hear "brother" in a females voice.


The next one is again Jimmy Giffith and Jim Wolfe in the attic of the salon and at the end you will hear "can't see" in a 3rd males voice.


There are many more but the last on is Jimmy Griffith and Jim Wolfe in the attic of the Cockey house and it sounds like "help"


These are some of the EVP's that we captured.  I would say this place it haunted with intelligent spirits.

Above is Doug & Lisa's New Market Home

Picture of the chalk writings on the underneath side of the floor that were written back in the 1800's and there is much more.  See below for more on this fanstatic and acitve home!

The Home of Doug & Lisa Pickett in New Market, MD
Preliminary Investigation
SPIS Lead Investigator Jim Wolfe & Spirits Among Us Investigative Medium Carol L.

September 29, 2010

"This home is the most active place that I have had the pleasure of investigating ever!"
~Jim Wolfe

This was only a preliminary investigation.  Carol L. was the Investigative Medium and Jim Wolfe was the Lead Investigator.  We were acompanied by the owners.  This home was once the home of the Mayor of New Market, Issac Russell from 1878-1880.  The home was built back in the late 1700's and early 1800's.  There are chalk writings on the underneath side of the ceiling with signatures of family, workers, and others with dates.  Writings of the cholera epidemic entering Baltimore Harbor in 1832 is one of many.  Since we had the preliminary investigation, Lesli Pickett got a voice recorder and software and she had recieved more EVP's.  I was very impressed with what she recieved.  During our preliminary we recieved in excess of 80 EVP's.  Below is a sample of some of them.  I will post more as time goes on.

EVP #1 Carol L. is speaking to the home owners and she is giving her opinion on what the spirits think of us.  You will hear Carol say "I think we are thier heaven" right before she says heaven a spirit voice whispers heaven just a fraction of a second before Carol says heaven, it almost sounds like she stutters but she doesn't.  Please crank it up or put on headphones.

EVP #2 This next on sounds like a Spirit laughing or something?  You be the judge!

EVP #3 The next on is when we were sitting in a Spirit Circle in the living room and we heard a noise from the kitchen and we ask is there anyone there, what do you hear after that is "would have been Patty'"!

EVP #4 This is when I ask a question and you hear "yes"

EVP #5 This is when we ask "do you want to leave a message on the tape? "Yes"

Undisclosed Location in Boonsboro, MD . 

Preliminary Investigation
SPIS Lead Investigator Jim Wolfe, Spirits Among Us Investigative Medium Carol L., and JG Paranormal Investigator Jimmy Griffith.

November 4, 2010
(most recordings done with a ZoomH4N stero)

EVP #1 You will hear Jim W. saying "I dont know if that is you camera" (talking about high EMF readings with Jimmy G.) then before I say the next sentence you will hear "your pickin ?"  Remember turn up the volume!

EVP #2 Jim W. is saying "I stay warm" and then you hear "God" or something similar.

EVP #3  Jim W. says "ouch" (hit my head) then "sorry"  then before I  say "I do this all of the time" and after you will hear "going too far" before and after! 

EVP #4 Jim W. says  "come on Kathy talk to me, please, pretty please" (Kathy is the name of a spirit that Carol L. said was there) then you will hear something, tell my what is said? The spirit voice is on my right because you can hear the voice more prominent in the right speaker, listen!

"Talking to the Dead"

This video is of me in my condo two weeks ago. I am getting spikes on my Melmeter 8704R which is an EMF detector (Electromagnetic Field Detector) when I talk to my deceased sister Kate, my mother, my grandmother, and my deceased dog Nanook. My voice sounds strange due to my PD. Is this real or what? You be the judge! 11 minutes.

Keep in mind that I have had Parkinson's Disease for 12 years.  I had a very tough and tiring day so that is why my speech sounds slow!

I recieved two EVP's during this 11 minute session.  The first is a very faint yes after I ask if the spirits mess with my sleep.  The second one is at the end of the session when I am not talking and you hear "hate people"! check it out! You may have to play it several times with headphones!

Private Residence on Jefferson Street in Frederick
Investigation Completed by Terri Rodabaugh/Medium and Jim Wolfe of SPIS.

This was a great investigation and we have around 15 EVP's from Class A's to Class C's Here are some of them.

This first one is during the first part of the investigation. You will hear "God, Help Me" remember to turn off any other noises in the room and crank it up or listen with head phones.

This next one is awesome because the spirit says "Help Me Terri" Terri Rodabaugh was the Phychic Medium that was there. This is a testament to Terri's skills.

This next one is when we are in the kitchen taking a break having pizza. This is why I start my voice recorder from when we arrive and don't turn if off until we drive away. You will hear something like "What, What 9" at least that is what I think its saying. What do you think? If you think it says something different then email me or put a comment on the comment page.

This next one we were up in the attic and there was a bird flying around. This one is a little harder to hear so the in the first one is the entire cut, the second one is just isolating on the "A Bird is a great thing"

Isolating just on the EVP of "A bird is great thing"

This next one I won't say what it is but you will hear someone talk in spanish then you will hear the EVP and then me saying something.

We have many more but these are just some of them.

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